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&Sushi coming to City Works Depot

With &Sushi Newmarket doing a roaring trade the boys are expanding into the hip surroundings of the City Works Depot where they will be apart of the talented community down there with neighbours like The food truck garage, Al Brown, Brothers Beer, Best Ugly Bagels, Oddettes Eatery and Three Beans Coffee.

They are moving next door to Brothers Beer where Wierdough and Tuck use to be.

The biggest problem we will face here as builders is where are we going for lunch and what beer to drink after work!

Apart from that this fit out will share a similar theme to the Newmarket store but we

have a lot more height to play with (about 7meters) which is very unusual so we will have some fun Planning and building to make the most of this space.

This is going to be a great asset to the area and we are looking forward to working with our &Sushi ninjas again.

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