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Since opening their first store on Newmarket’s Teed Street almost this time last year, fine sushi purveyors &Sushi have amassed nothing less than a cult following. So you wouldn’t blame us for suggesting that they employ a bouncer of sorts to manage the hoards of discerning sushi eaters who will be chomping at the bit to visit their second store. Having caught wind of the fact that they are due to open their doors at City Works Depot later this week, we admit that we were the first to start rubbing our chopsticks together (before we learnt it was uncouth).

The adored sushi boutique’s reputation precedes it as it prepares to open its doors at City Works Depot.

Owners Jeff Kim and head chef Jay Oh took their time in determining where the next &Sushi would be. Kim admits, “it took us two years to find the Newmarket space” which might explain the rumours about a second outpost that have been circulating for the past six months. Finally, the new &Sushi occupies a freshly renovated space just around the corner from Best Ugly Bagels, formerly tenanted by Wierdough & Tuck. With the finishing touches being put in place as you read this, our recent visit had us thinking that &Sushi might just be the missing link in City Works Depot’s already gravitational line-up of eateries.

Similar in theme and offerings to its original, the interior is an exercise in serenity — a concept enhanced by the seven-metre stud ceilings that allow the light to flood into the cool, calm environs. Elam graduate Yu Qing Oiu is responsible for the plant-inspired black mural that creeps along the back wall while the thoughtful and zen-like interior — envisioned by the owners themselves — sets the stage for the pièce(s) de résistance: a glass cabinet brimming with their trademark exquisite sushi.

Needless to say, all of &Sushi’s offerings use free-range products wherever possible and almost all of it is gluten-free (including their breakfast ramen). Then there’s the added bonus of being the perfect addition to your Instagram feed. When we asked Jeff what inspired the endeavour in the first place, he explains “our kids are obsessed with sushi and there was no place to take them to that we could be super proud of” — oh how things have changed. So if like us, you’re partial to some exceptional sushi, we’ll expect to see you there.

For news of their opening, be sure to follow &Sushi on Instagram.

Open 7 days from 9am till 4pm.


Shed 3F City Works Depot 77 Cook Street Auckland City

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