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M E E T  S O M E  OF  T H E  T E A M 

Nic Wike 

Project Manager/Sales


Nic started The Fit Out Company in 2014.

He was building houses full time when he was offered some work fitting out a cafe.

After completing this first cafe he realised that alot of his previous work experience whilst growing up (chefing, retail, restaurant work, building etc.) all came together and led him to this business he was about to start.

'My experience working in hospitality/retail when I was younger really helps when it comes to setting out cafes and shops. I have worked both front and back of house and I know what works in terms of flow/storage/seating etc.'

This coupled with my love of design and building all comes together as I can see the problems faced by the staff/customers and fix them as a builder.'


I love going to work everyday and building stores that will be enjoyed by thousands in the future. Its a real buzz for me going back once the businesses are operating and watching the customers sharing a meal or shopping with their friends and having a good time.





Dallas Rata - Builder.

-Foreman/Site Manager

Dallas joined the Fit Out Company in 2015 as the first contactor to the company.

Him and Nic had worked together on a couple of jobs in the past and worked really well together leading to Dallas getting a job offer once The Fit Out Company started to gather some traction and get busy.

He is the most experienced builder of the team and has a vast portfolio of jobs that he has worked on from Villas to Commercial, fit outs and maintenance. He has solved a lot of building problems throughout his career and is an extremely well rounded builder who brings a lot to our team.

He has a great temperament which is important for a busy Foreman,. clients and subcontractors always speak very highly of Dallas.



We are very safety conscious and are members of The Hazard Co. We take every reasonable step possible to ensure we operate on the safest work sites possible and eliminate all of the risks we can.

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